Conservation Counts: Asian Water Bird Census 2018 at LPPCHEA

The Asian Water Bird Census (AWC) is a waterbird counting activity held every second and third weeks of January conducted by the government, non-government offices, nature club members and many other volunteer groups in different wetland sites in the world. In the Philippines, it is conducted in each region and is spearheaded by the DENR-… Read More Conservation Counts: Asian Water Bird Census 2018 at LPPCHEA


Mt. Pulag

Sa karagatang ulap na humahampas-hampas sa luntiang dalampasigan ng kabundukan Ikaw ay isang bankang papel- Naglalayag,naglalakbay, sinasabayan ang alon, bawat daluyong ng buhay. Kung saan man dalhin ng mga alaala at malamig na hangin, Ulit-ulitin mang ipagtabuyan ng bagyong dumarating- Ikaw, bankang papel sa karagatang ulap, Sabihin mo sa akin: Hindi ka titigil na marating… Read More Mt. Pulag


Summit Song

After the cruel hike, the seemingly endless trail here we are: Strength spent and lungs exploding. Our skins burn raw Under the scorching brightness of too much sun, But we wanted all of these: every ache, every trickle of sweat and labored breath, every dirt that clings to our faces because at the mountains there… Read More Summit Song


The Stranger

I don’t know who you are– I only know the way your body moves on boulders, as if weightless as if limitless against the gravity that tugs at your back. I know the sureness of your footsteps Your persistence for perfection . I don’t know you- no, not really But I know your eyes, Your… Read More The Stranger


Hiking Mt. Daraitan

How shall we start the descent when the beauty at the summit is too overwhelming: the jagged rock peaks, the beards of moss hanging on a tree, and over there- look! the Daraitan River threading like a ribbon through the looming mountains of the Sierra Madre. I can feel the rush of the water in… Read More Hiking Mt. Daraitan


New Year (poem)

A single firework flashes, its light a temporary brightness smeared across the dark canvass of sky. Some people come into our lives like this- fleeting, for a moment only. They burst in colors and flare and then are gone. It is up to you what to remember now: that flash of light, or the darkness… Read More New Year (poem)